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Cali Style Thai Coconut Soup

Amazing Thai Soup recipe California Thai Soup Recipe the BEST ever Thai soup recipe

We call this the 'Healing Soup', because it makes you feel good--especially after a long weekend of music festival revelry. It's healthy, delicious and a provides beautiful smell that fills the house. Place a big pot on the stove and get ready for at least 6 friends: Organic if possible, of course! 2 lbs skinless chicken thighs 3 thickly sliced zucchini 1/4 head of cauliflower 2 cups of bean sprouts 2 cans of straw mushrooms, drained 2 cans of baby Asian corn, drained 4 stalks of lemon grass, peeled and cut into 3" pieces 4 large clumps of ginger, peeled...

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