Called Shangri-la by many, Ojai is getting a lot of press for being almost perfect! With recent articles in Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler and New York Times, Ojai is a contrast of 3rd generation local farmers, movie stars, hippies and hipsters. With no chain stores allowed in the town, Ojai is filled with funky little shops, markets and places to get total chakra alignment. It is a relaxing get-a-way and place to recharge your batteries. Pictured is the famous Pink Moment which shows the amazing colors of the sunset. The pink color is consistent due to t he fact that the valley lies east and west - channeling the colors of the sunset.

Ojai Pink Moment sunset Malibu Jane footwear

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LOVE LOVE LOVE San Francisco!!! This is a city where differences are not only tolerated----but celebrated! Where else in the world would they have to pass an anti nudity law within the city because people actually strolled around in the nude! The law has recently passed, so at the very least, your naughty bits must be covered. SF has so many wonderful neighborhoods and things to see and enjoy. Here's MJ's TOP LIST of what NOT TO MISS!!!
American Cupcake - gourmet treats in an ultra-cool environment. Innocent enough for a first date -- or full blown dinner party! We loved this place!
Check it out on Union Street along with Marmelade Boutique, LF Store and Canyon Beachwear.
Al's Attire - This amazing North Beach neighborhood shop is truly unlike any places this jaded girl has ever seen. At first glance it looks like a retro shoe and coat store. Enter and you will find custom, one-of-a-kind shoes that are handmade in the store, in addition to custom tailored coats, shirts and trousers for men and women. We bought an amazing trench coat made from vintage tie fabric that Al purchased in Washington, DC. Then Al tailored it for us for a perfect fit. It must be featured in every news story about San Francisco---but, I think it is still somewhat no known...Hmmmmm.

Haight Ashbury Music Center - A music store like no other. Every instrument you can imagine such as mini harps and lots of gorgeous guitars. BUT WHAT REALLY caught my eye was a crazy selection of HYBRID UKELELE. We actually bought a banjo ukele hybrid. It is small like a ukelele, but looks and sounds like a tiny banjo. We were thrilled for this find!!!!!


We love Malibu for many reasons. It's close to LA, so you can have an easy-breezy lifestyle under palms and by the sea--yet be at a world class concert, the airport or fashion event in about 20 minutes. Everyone thinks Malibu is super fancy, glam and glitzy--but it's not. Simple, shack-like buildings hold the local Thai food place or bait shop. Driving through, you say to yourself, "what's the fuss about this Malibu, anyway?" Malibu is a 27 mile long strip with a beautiful beach on one side and pastoral mountains on the other. Not flashy, just laid back with an occasional celeb sighting at the local Starbucks or chic boutique. It has a fairly decent surf break, so it's common to see the waves dotted with surfers.

Many celebrities have homes in Malibu, but they are behind trees and gates. So driving through, you only see a few celeb homes, but not many. It's common to see boats with papparazi floating in the waters across from know celeb homes, hoping to get a shot or two. They know they are going to be photographed in Malibu, so they prance about well-styled and prepared for the cameras.

There are lots of fun things to do in Malibu, but the main thing is shopping at the Malibu Country Mart. What started as some ramshackle buildings are now built into an outdoor market of chic boutiques - representing the best of Southern California fashion. What is Southern California fashion? It's unique to the area, especially Malibu. Cut- off denim short-shorts with knee high boots, a rock and roll fitted t-shirt and lots of bangle bracelets, Ray Ban aviators and layers of necklaces with Budhas and lucky charms. Maybe a flannel t-shirt around the waist, because Malibu, after all, can be breezy.
Malibu Country Mart
You can rent a sea kayak in Malibu, hike or camp -- if you are the outdoorsy type. It's a beautiful place with a warm climate that is not quite tropical. It's about 75 degrees and sunny there everyday, so it seems like a paradise. A special treat for me is to spend an afternoon at Paradise Cove. It's pricey to park at $30, but just eat a great meal in the restaurant and they will validate your parking to $3. The beach is amazing and the wind is naturally blocked by the surrounding cliffs and the restaurant. I really don't need to say too much, as the pictures are worth 1000 words.

Paradise Cove, Malibu