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For anyone living in Southern California right now, the weather is a bit crazy. Santa Ana winds create breezy days and warm temperatures! Some people love it and some hate it. The hot dry air poses real threats to our beautiful state but who can dislike waking up in November to 80 degree weather?!


So this week is dedicated to Fall in California!


For us here at MJ, the office is buzzing because we all want to be outside and enjoy the warmth instead of glued to our desks (a job we really do love, by the way!). 


In case you don't know what the Santa Ana winds feel like here is a little description from our friends at Wikipedia

The Santa Ana winds are strong, extremely dry down-slope winds that originate inland and affect coastal Southern California and northern Baja California. Santa Ana winds blow mostly in autumn and winter. Santa Ana airmasses originate from high-pressure systems over the Great Basin and upper Mojave Desert. The Santa Anas are a katabatic windkatabatic meaning "to flow downhill" in Greek, which is an accurate description of the action of these winds


So we are thankful these winds have been tame thus far and hope we continue to enjoy the sunshine without any problems.


Another wonderful side effect of Fall, is the beautiful sunsets. You probably have 85 of them on your phone every evening around 5:30 when all your friends post a picture. 

Here are a couple amazing shots that will make anyone who is currently experiencing snow, consider moving to California.


Maybe the best part of Fall is the clothes... scarves, boots, hats, and jackets. Except it's currently 88 degrees today so we are still wearing flip flops and tank tops. Got those moving boxes ready yet? California style is the perfect mix of cool and comfortable. Fashion meets function. So many people are desperate for cold weather, they are sweating while wearing their cable-knit sweaters! But some of us could live like this forever...endless Summer...perfect weather. 


So safe to say we are extremely blessed to live in such a wonderful place, surrounded by the Pacific ocean  and enjoy breathtaking weather. Therein lies the spirit of MJ...us trying to give you a tiny piece of majestic California to take with you wherever you are and wherever you go. 


xo xo!

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