The Skinny on Skinny Cocktails

I was all excited when I heard about zero cal drink mixes. I do love me a good margarita now and then -- but after seeing how certain Malibu girls blow up from over indulging in that sweet treat, I limit my happy hours to a glass of wine. How boring!  The skinny mixes are good, but you can also make your own! None of us want extra girth on our tail -- so, get busy in your own kitchen and save yourself some money or any additives, colors or anything nasty you should not put in your instrument---including those pesky carbs!
YOU NEED 2 cute glasses, 5-8 lemons or limes, Cuervo Gold Tequila, Grand Mariner, Stevia packets, Katie Perry playlist
START BY: wetting glasses and place in freezer, play music. For two margaritas (too SAD to drink alone!), juice 4 lemons or 6 limes. Slice some in circles for your garnish. My bff-mixologist-friend insists lemon juice is in a true margarita---but I prefer limes. Add 4 packets of Stevia, a sweetener made from a South American herb. Stevia is sweeter than sugar and has no calories or anything dodgy. Stir this concoction and taste it - it should be like a very sweet lemon or limeade. Add more Stevia if you pucker.
In a large shaker, add 4 shots of Cuervo Gold Tequila, 1 shot of Grand Marnier, one cup of your mix and ice to fill shaker. Shake vigorously with lots of hip action while singing California Gurls by Katie Perry. Remove your glasses from freezer and pour your margs thru the strainer in the shaker. Leave the ice out of the drink, as it dilutes the drink and waters down the flavors. Leave the salt off, it's one of the ingredients you are avoiding in typical margarita mixes. Enjoy! Sub vodka for the tequila, and you have yourself a nice lemon drop. Next recipe - the COSMO!
Cuervo Gold - This is a good Tequila, but not super-premium. Why use a tequila that is not primo? The fancier the Tequila, the smoother the taste. In a good marg, you want a bit of a bite, as well as the rich flavor of the gold variety. You want to taste the Tequila - a primo tequila will actually make the margarita taste like it is watered down! Weird, I know!
Grand Mariner- A typical marg calls for triple sec. Grand Mariner has a orange-ish flavor like triple sec, but is more delicious and is really nice with the Cuervo.
Stevia - there are different brands such as a brand called Truvia. I really have no preference here, so buy what you can find. Sometimes, I use Splenda, but Stevia is better.
Refine- If you choose not to make your own mix, I found one called Refine at Von's. It is REALLY good and has no calories!

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