Cali Fish Tacos

4 fillets of Pacific Halibut or any milod fish that fits the guidelines of good health and ethical fishing-see link below for info. 

1 yellow onion 
1 large super ripe tomato 
1 small can of mild jalapeno 
2 cups of chopped red cabbage 
1 chopped avocado and one small clump of cilantro chopped to sprinkle on top 

Chipotle Sauce 
1 cup of lite mayo 
½ cup Dijon mustard 
Juice of one fresh lime 
1 ounce of Chipotle chile in adobo, pureed 
¼ ounce of fresh minced garlic 

On medium heat in hot pan, chop onions and stir fry until soft in wok with some olive oil. Dice tomato and add onions, dice fish and add. Cook until fish is firm. Place mixturte on warm organic corn tortillas. Top with sliced avocado, shopped cilantro, and a little salsa or Dang! hot sauce. 


DANG! Hot Sauce is created by a vet enrolled in a special program to help returning vets transition back to civilian life by learning farming. DANG! Hot Sauce is an organic, raw superfood and wholesome to the max. Soon to be at a Whole Foods Market near you, you can support Veterans Sustainable Agriculture Training VSAT by purchasing this AWESOME hot sauce there or online from Forager Mike's web site. DANG! That's so COOOL
Find your sauce here!

And now for the BEST FISH TACOS EVVVERRRR! The Ventura Pier at the Beach House Taco Stand. Ventura is a sleepy surf town between Santa Barbara and Malibu. It's cool and fun. Check out the photos we took of our tacos from the Beach House while the fog rolls in.

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