Summer Style Inspiration June 11 2014

As summer heats up, we can't help but to think about how we would pair our favorite Malibu Jane sandals and flips flops with cute and effortless summer looks. These are some of our favorite summer looks via Pinterest and what we would wear them with! 

What are your favorite pieces for summer? 


Pair a lightweight summer button down and billowy shorts with our San Jose sandals in Sepia/Brown $29.95. 


A cute summer frock in fresh colors pairs great with our metallic Calistoga flip flops $29.95.


By Aly of Alyknowsbest

California Dreamin' May 28 2014

This summer we are so grateful to call the beautiful state of California home! Instead of planning trips to far off places, we're thinking of new ways we can further enjoy our beautiful golden state! For those of you who aren't familiar with the southern California area, we have sunshine nearly year round (except for June gloom) and mild temperatures of about 55-75 degrees (60 is a cold day). To say we're spoiled is an understatement!

One of the best things to do in the summer time is cruise down the famous Highway 1 or better known by locals as the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).Even though the PCH runs from Big Sur in Northern California all the way down to San Diego area, our favorite part is from just north of Malibu to Santa Monica and Venice Beach. On this stretch of the highway, you can see breath-taking views of bright blue skies and crashing waves directly on the side of the highway. On our next free day, we are definitely taking advantage of this gorgeous (free) summer activity! 

What are you guys dreaming of doing this summer? Let us know! 

California Dreamin'








Written by Contributing Editor: Alyson Nagel



Let's Be Mermaids May 21 2014

As the summer solstice quickly approaches, it has us dreaming about long sunny days at the beach. Summer is the time to relax, let loose and of course spend time soaking up the sun! Lately mermaids have been really popular in social media like Pinterest and Instagram and boy have they had us swooning. For summer we are pulling inspiration from this trend and saying "let's be mermaids." This mermaid craze has allowed us to revisit our childhoods and is a reminder of how much we really do want to be Ariel (but maybe in a more grown up way). Really, who doesn't want those long luscious locks, cool seashell bras and to be able to swim with dolphins all day? 
Anyway, with the San Jose sandals, the look of the glam straps (and Malibu Jane logo) give you some of those cool mermaid vibes that we all wish we had! They'll be a perfect addition to any beach babes summer wardrobe!

Weddings and parties everywhere! April 07 2014

Warmer weather means weddings and parties everywhere. We love a good shin-dig and that is why we made our ballet flats so amazingly comfortable. We recently outfitted a bride with our white 'Hollywood' sparkle ballet flat to wear with her wedding gown. Days later, our bride was spotted pedaling a bike in the same Malibu Jane ballet flats she wore with her bridal gown! This concept of formal to casual is exactly what the Mailbu Jane brand is all about. It's the California lifestyle!

Heels are HOT for Holiday - but take your flats for serious dancing! December 16 2013

Nothing looks more hot that a sky high pair of heels and a sparkle dress. We love that! Make sure you pack some festive flats for when the Pradas are cutting into your toes! We made some sparkle flats that look super cute with a formal gown, cocktail dress and yes, a pair of cut off shorts. The Malibu Jane Hollywood ballet flats have been worn on the red carpet, at weddings and on vacation at the beach. They have awesome support like a walking shoe, but still look delicate and sexy. Check them out!


summer skinny rum punch August 07 2013

oh we do luv refreshing rum drinks while soaking up the summer sun--but alas, juices and mixers make them so calorie-heavy.  Make a 10 oz glass of sugar free lemonade such as Crystal Light, add a shot of spiced rum, a shot of coconut rum and just a splash of pineapple juice -- shake it up with ice and serve over ice - makes 2 short drinks or one tall one. Garnish with a pineapple chunk on a pick and a cocktail umbrella. Low calorie? Not hardly because of the alcohol -- but it is refreshing, tropical and has less calories.


 Vintage trailers are so fun and perrrrrfect for GLAMPING California style! We are excited that there is a cool vintage trailer exhibit coming thru Cali and here it is! We will be there!!


Coachella Time in Southern California March 26 2013

Music Festival season is here and we in SoCAL are looking for cute outfits and packing our tents for Coachella. The line-up is awesome with some classic die-hard bands, up-and-comers and amazing headliners….they will all be here. 

Time stops in the LA area during Coachella, as doctors, lawyers, college students and citizens from all walks put all things aside to let their Freak Flag fly for two solid weekends in a row.

Some stay in local Palm Springs resorts and others camp or sleep in the car. It’s all good, clean fun. We think if you are going to camp, YOU MUST check out these cool tents. A tent for every personality – HOW FUN ARE THESE????!!!!!  Click Here to see the best tents from Field Candy!!!!

The Skinny on Skinny Cocktails May 16 2012

I was all excited when I heard about zero cal drink mixes. I do love me a good margarita now and then -- but after seeing how certain Malibu girls blow up from over indulging in that sweet treat, I limit my happy hours to a glass of wine. How boring!  The skinny mixes are good, but you can also make your own! None of us want extra girth on our tail -- so, get busy in your own kitchen and save yourself some money or any additives, colors or anything nasty you should not put in your instrument---including those pesky carbs!
YOU NEED 2 cute glasses, 5-8 lemons or limes, Cuervo Gold Tequila, Grand Mariner, Stevia packets, Katie Perry playlist
START BY: wetting glasses and place in freezer, play music. For two margaritas (too SAD to drink alone!), juice 4 lemons or 6 limes. Slice some in circles for your garnish. My bff-mixologist-friend insists lemon juice is in a true margarita---but I prefer limes. Add 4 packets of Stevia, a sweetener made from a South American herb. Stevia is sweeter than sugar and has no calories or anything dodgy. Stir this concoction and taste it - it should be like a very sweet lemon or limeade. Add more Stevia if you pucker.
In a large shaker, add 4 shots of Cuervo Gold Tequila, 1 shot of Grand Marnier, one cup of your mix and ice to fill shaker. Shake vigorously with lots of hip action while singing California Gurls by Katie Perry. Remove your glasses from freezer and pour your margs thru the strainer in the shaker. Leave the ice out of the drink, as it dilutes the drink and waters down the flavors. Leave the salt off, it's one of the ingredients you are avoiding in typical margarita mixes. Enjoy! Sub vodka for the tequila, and you have yourself a nice lemon drop. Next recipe - the COSMO!
Cuervo Gold - This is a good Tequila, but not super-premium. Why use a tequila that is not primo? The fancier the Tequila, the smoother the taste. In a good marg, you want a bit of a bite, as well as the rich flavor of the gold variety. You want to taste the Tequila - a primo tequila will actually make the margarita taste like it is watered down! Weird, I know!
Grand Mariner- A typical marg calls for triple sec. Grand Mariner has a orange-ish flavor like triple sec, but is more delicious and is really nice with the Cuervo.
Stevia - there are different brands such as a brand called Truvia. I really have no preference here, so buy what you can find. Sometimes, I use Splenda, but Stevia is better.
Refine- If you choose not to make your own mix, I found one called Refine at Von's. It is REALLY good and has no calories!